Free Your Nature

Free Your Nature

Connect with who you really are

Our mission

Our mission, using nature as a grateful mirror, is to bring you back to who you are at the deepest level.

Our offer in nature

To connect our mission with you, we have put together a wonderful offer for you.

So, do you feel the call to be in deep connection with nature? Do you feel the need to turn deeply inward?
Then join us on one of our magical journeys!

Vision Quest

Are you looking for the path to who you are at the deepest level? Then you are more than welcome to our Vision Quest.

Magical Brittany

All the time, attention and space for yourself. Nature that reflects and recharges you. Join us!

About the Vision Quest

Welcome to Vision Quest: discover who you really are

Are you at an important crossroads in your life and looking for the path your heart tells you to take? Or do you want to get to know yourself better and get in touch with your own nature? Then Vision Quest is for you.

Let yourself be taken into the wilderness, where nature acts as your mirror and teacher. Discover your own wilderness and get closer to who you are at the deepest level. Our Vision Quest is a ritual used for centuries by indigenous peoples to complete and usher in stages of life. It is a transformational process that penetrates deeply into your DNA.

This process is similar to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. During this transformation, the caterpillar remains in its cocoon and allows itself to break down and form, while it is still unclear what the new

We offer Vision Quests in beautiful locations, including Lapland and Crete. We have years of experience and are superbly qualified to guide you through this process.

Vision Quest - Women into the Wild has a framework/base tailored for women. With us you are in good hands and can count on personal attention and support.

Take the first step toward self-discovery and sign up for a Vision Quest with us. We look forward to meeting you.

About Magical Brittany

Are you the one who needs a breather? Do you long for inner peace and relaxation? Slowing down, unwinding and feeling at one with nature? Experience the roughness and elements of nature so you can discover how small and big you can be at the same time.

Join us in Magical Brittany.

Where the powerful sea pounds the rocks, the wind is sometimes tempestuous and the air fresh and pure. Where the tides rise and fall in unique ways, like nowhere else in Europe. Brittany, with its rich history and magical places.

Let the gentle breeze or strong wind blow your head clear. Feel the caress of the sun or the light rain on your skin. Rest on a rock and be carried by the power of the Breton landscape. Walk between the tides to small islands.

We would like to invite you to a "slow-and-easy" retreat in this enchanting Brittany. Where you can enjoy on all fronts the natural power, the abundance of colors, the magic of Brittany and delicious food. We also love to take you into your inner world, into your specific magical archetypal talents from the Talent Game to experience you more deeply with the magic of the power places.

About us

We would like to introduce ourselves to you, we are Aniet Langeveld and Hanna van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen.

In 2016, we took a profound journey into our souls called the Vision Quest. Under the guidance of Soulquest, we had this experience in France. The following year we were allowed to be part of the team and experience, from a different role, how magical and transformative the journey of those who undertake the Vision Quest can be. As team members in the Vision Quest field, we have had intense experiences that are hard to put into words. We have seen the fundamental transformational processes that people go through and the light that radiates from a person's eyes when they return from their time alone with themselves in nature. That is truly magical! The Vision Quest field feels like "coming home" to us and the framework of this Rite of Passage is now well familiar.

Our passion and connection to nature and the "rites of passage" are reflected in our mission. Our mission is to truly bring people to their deepest selves. This deeply felt mission inspires us to establish Free Your Nature in 2022, where we offer Vision Quests and other meaningful journeys in nature. We look for places where nature speaks to you, where you can be still with yourself and where connection to mystical fields can be easily established. All this with the goal of offering you the opportunity to get deeply in touch with yourself.

There is so much to tell about us, but we think it's more fun to meet you in real life!

2017 our first collaboration at the Vision Quest in France
2022 a little older, hopefully a little wiser and the collaboration clinched


"What I can learn from you is to be true to myself and regardless of the sometimes difficult consequences. Following you

"During my Vision Quest, I experienced Aniet as a keeper of Light in the darkness. Through her presence and Being, she creates a loving, safe environment where you are allowed to be completely with all that is..."